Industry input on farm labour issues

BC Agriculture Council uses committees to develop and advocate on our member's interests that are critical to agriculture in British Columbia. The Labour Committee is comprised of producers appointed by sector organizations to ensure direct farmer input when discussing concerns, priorities and solutions with government agencies and other stakeholders.


The BCAC/WALI Labour Committee will facilitate and coordinate industry input on farm labour issues to BCAC/WALI Staff. The BCAC Board has directed the Committee to engage in the following:

The Committee will:

  • Provide input to government on new regulations being developed
  • Provide input on the support services that WALI provides to employers accessing temporary foreign workers
  • Monitor impacts of government labour regulations on BC farms and ranches
  • Communicate with their respective commodity associations to ensure that groups are kept current on labour related issues
  • Provide recommendations to the BCAC/WALI board for specific issues that need to be raised with government
  • Provide representation to national labour committees or working groups (e.g. CFA, FVGC, CAHRC), and to the Regional and National meetings of the Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

Committee Chair: David Mutz
BCAC Board Representative: David Mutz
Committee Members:
Troy Osborne, British Columbia Grapegrowers' Association
Ken Denbok, United Flower Growers
Sukhpaul Bal, BC Cherry Association
Ravi Cheema, BC Greenhouse Growers' Association
Chris Vanrietchoten, BC Poultry Association
Randy Sihota, BC Potato & Vegetable Growers
John Kerkhoven, BC Dairy
Heather Higo, BC Honey Producers

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